Pets are family and while we wish we could take our dogs with us everywhere we go, sometimes that just isn't possible. While your loved one is entrusted to our care, their safety and well-being is our number one priority.  Here at K9 Country Club, we don't engage in all day kenneling. Our guests enjoy a schedule that includes six outdoor trips daily to potty and play! Whether your dog is a social butterfly who will enjoy a day of play in our group daycare, or a non-social who would prefer only human interaction, your dog will never be bored!

Our guests will enjoy a luxury private suite with a Kuranda bed, television tuned in to DogTV, consistent meal times, fresh water replenished throughout the day, and plenty of treats and belly rubs from our staff!

Feel free to bring in your dogs bedding or toys to make them feel more at home. We also recommend bringing in their regular food, as maintaining their regular diet is important for their health and comfort. Unable to bring food? We will provide 2 meals per day at an additional rate of $3.00 per meal. If providing your dog's own food, please individually bag each meal. Trained staff can administer owner provided medications during your dogs visit. Charges may be applied based on administration type and frequency.

All dogs are required to have vaccination series completed, up to date, and provide proper documentation must be provided. Vaccines required are Bordetella, Rabies, and DAP.

Drop off and pick up is between 8:00am - 12:00pm daily. Late pick up 12:00pm - 6:00pm will result in a $24.00 fee. If special arrangements are needed outside of normal business hours, parents must contact K9CC prior to the day of pickup. Another day of boarding may be added if not able to meet prior arrangements.

*If your pet has any dietary requirements, or known allergies please inform us upon boarding. 

*All dogs must undergo an evaluation process prior to being added to group play.

*For safety reasons please remove prong, chain, or electric fence collars. Dogs must have a breakaway or belt collar including their name.



Each additional sibling in same room: $28.00



Each additional non-social sibling in same room: $30.00


$3.00 each

Please see our FAQ page for more information!