Grooming changes!

Over the last month some of you may have noticed we welcomed a new groomer - Brittani! She has 15+ years experience with a wide variety of breeds and haircuts under her belt! We are THRILLED to have her working with us and can’t wait for everyone to get to meet her!

We also have started an Instagram for grooming @ K9CCGrooming. Please follow the page for photos and grooming updates! 

Online booking is currently in beta and soon we will be offering nail painting and hair coloring services. If you are interested in these services please speak to your groomer!

Please note our grooming number is (812) 621-0904. This number now accepts calls and texts. Please disregard any previous numbers! For safety reasons; groomers do not answer calls while dogs are on the table. Please leave a voicemail or send a text. All groomers are unavailable for calls on weekends, and are available week days when in shop.

*Over the next week Brittani is on vacation and we have one part-time groomer taking on all the texts and calls, so please bare with us.*

Brittani and Anna are available for all services on weekdays and daycare manager Austin is available on weekends for basics and exits on a limited basis.

Haircut, clean-up, and basic services MUST be scheduled with our groomers to secure a spot! Exits or nail requests may continue to be given to the office managers, but groomers are still preferred.

As usual, all grooming clients are required to adhere to the same vaccination policy as boarding and daycare, including for walk-in nail trims! The grooming policy will be posted in lobby and on our website ASAP.

Thank you for your continued patience during this groomer transition, and all the technical difficulties with our phone lines. Our clients - human and dog - are so greatly appreciated!